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RutasMenorca.com, was created and born from the illusion of a group of people who are sustainable tourism enthusiasts and hikers.

The RutasMenorca team have extensive professional experience as tour guides and in the world of travel. The creators of RutasMenorca.com, have been more than 15 years helping travelers to discover Menorca from another perspective.

RutasMenorca is much more than a sustainable business project, this initiative aims to show the island of Menorca with a philosophy of “Slow” and related to ecotourism.

Wellcome to RutasMenorca.com, welcome to Menorca, and now relax and enjoy the island with us…

The RutasMenorca Team:

Jutta Vaupel Guía Rutas Menorca

Juta Vauptel

Ralf Freiheit guia de Rutas Menorca

Ralf Freiheit

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